Counter-Mounted Manual Foam Dispenser
Counter-Mounted Manual Foam Dispenser

Counter-Mounted Manual Foam Dispenser

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The vanity mounted foam soap dispenser is perfect for architectural environments requiring modern and professional accessories.

Materials: Main housing is stainless steel, type 304 brushed finish.

Features: The pump requires less than 5 lbs of force to activate. This brushed stainless steel counter mounted soap dispenser is designed for use with foam soap. Dispensing volume is approximately 1cc. The 713 foam soap dispenser is non-proprietary and has a bulk filled bottle which can be either removed to refill, or filled from above the counter. The unit has a concealed mounting assembly which provides a professional and clean look when installed onto counter tops.

Capacity: 1 litre. (35 US ounces)

Soap Type: Dispenses foam soap. It is a non-proprietary unit that does not use a cartridge system. Users have flexibility in sourcing bulk foam soap, which will lead to cost reductions.

Weight: 1 lbs. (0.45 kg.)

Dimensions: 5.6″D x 3.2″W x 17.3″H

Installation: Insert the threaded shank through 7/8″ diameter hole in the vanity with only housing and valve assembly exposed above the counter. Secure with brackets provided below. Fill bottle with soap and attach to the bottom.

Maintenance: To maintain the performance and appearance you must perform periodic cleaning. Clean the inside of the bottle with warm water only, never use solvents or aggressive cleaners such as bleach. To clean the outside please use a soft cloth with warm water or approved stainless steel cleaner. If the pump is left idle for long periods of time the pump may become clogged. If so, pour warm water into the dispenser and gently pump it to clear the blockage. Never insert a sharp object (e.g. pin) into the nozzle, which could damage the unit.